Month: June 2022

Ep 13: Investor Beware – Spotting Red Flags When Picking An Advisor

In today’s economy and the possibility of a long-term market downturn, a lot of people are searching for a financial advisor. What differentiates an advisor who does the bare minimum versus those who will go above and beyond?
An advisor that works with every type of client probably has less time to dedicate to you. If they are only telling you good news, you may want to be wary. On today’s episode, we’ll break down some of the big red flags you need to keep a look out for when you start working with a financial professional.

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Ep 12: Secret to Retirement Success – Get Out of Your Own Way

We usually talk about the things that people need to do to have financial success, but often times retirement is more about what you didn’t do. Let’s face it, we’re all human and mistakes are part of life, but we have to be aware of where the pitfalls often are.

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