Ep 12: Secret to Retirement Success – Get Out of Your Own Way

We usually talk about the things that people need to do to have financial success, but often times retirement is more about what you didn’t do. Let’s face it, we’re all human and mistakes are part of life, but we have to be aware of where the pitfalls often are.

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Ep 11: Mailbag – Can I Justify Paying for a Private College?

We are opening up the mailbag today to answer some of our listener’s questions about various financial and retirement topics. Kenneth’s daughter wants to go to a private college, can he justify the large tuition bill? You need to consider the fees, rent, and books you’ll also have to pay back but there are a few options out there you can consider.

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9 Facts About Retirement that May Surprise You

Retirement can have different meanings for different people. Today, we explore 9 interesting facts about retirement. How do these change your perception on this next phase in life?

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